The Spring issue is out now!

Welcome to our gorgeous spring 2021 issue! I must admit, there have been a few ‘Groundhog Day’ vibes here in the office as we worked on another lockdown edition – but with the support of an amazing team of writers and photographers who have been super-helpful and super-flexible in the way they’ve worked, I’m sure you’ll agree that we’ve created a stunning issue.

There is no doubt that it’s been a tough few months for so many. Our winter edition was delivered to us on the first day of the June lockdown, and the following week our region was battered by storms unlike any we’ve seen before. Our hearts are with all those who were affected, including many of our treasured clients and contributors who suffered damage to their homes, and some that lost their homes entirely. It has highlighted the strength we have as a community, and brought out the best in many, but we acknowledge that the after-effects of such an event cannot be underestimated. Kindness is so important right now.

As well as kindness, it’s also important to make time to switch off and relax. With so many chaotic things happening in the world, it’s hard not to become overwhelmed by the constant media scaremongering. We hope you’ll take time to stop and notice the signs of new life everywhere. I’m loving the magnolias, the beginnings of the cherry blossoms, and the stunning spring wattle. I’m trying to walk my dog every day (she’s not complaining!) and take a moment to focus on the good stuff. We’re lucky that we are surrounded by such a beautiful landscape here in the Valley and Ranges – there is much peace to be found in nature.

This issue features a diverse range of stories*. Warburton ceramicist Jean Bedson welcomes us into her beautiful home and studio; Penny Harrison chats with fellow children’s author Vikki Conley; Jess Crossley of Locavore talks all things food, and Lindy Schneider shares a beautiful equine project for Headspace, raising awareness of the vulnerability of our teens. We also share the story of Olinda’s Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage and learn how this much-misunderstood creature can make an intelligent and gentle companion.

A massive thank you to everyone that has worked to enable this issue to happen. Last year, we were fortunate in being granted some help from both state and federal government. This year, for some reason, magazine publishing has been deemed an ‘essential service’ and we’ve therefore had no help at all. I’m not going to sugar coat things – it’s been hard. The magazine has a big audience, and a big presence, but the reality is, we’re a small local business (I mainly work from my office in my house and Elly has had to do the same for almost 18 months now). We’d love you to share the word about us; consider subscribing (if you haven’ already), recommend us to businesses that might benefit from advertising with us, buy a copy for a friend. Every little bit helps. We are passionate about what we do and want to keep supporting and promoting the region we love so much. Thank you for picking up this copy and reading it. You’re not just supporting us, you’re supporting every single person that writes, take photographs, runs a business that advertises, works on the design…you’re supporting so many hard-working locals. And we are all truly grateful.

Breathe in that spring air, put your feet up for half an hour, take time to read and enjoy.

Stay safe.

With love and gratitude,


*Last issue we gave you a little insight into Ramarro Farm at The Patch and planned to bring you the full story in this issue. The storms caused some damage to the farm and so we will bring the story to you in our summer issue – we thank you for your understanding.

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