A Flight of Fancy

With foraged, fossicked and found items from her garden, artist Zora Verona creates magical nests with the exquisite guidance of local birdlife

WORDS Lindy Schneider | PHOTOGRAPHY John Christie

The dance of art and nature is perhaps the most profound expression of human creativity. In this space the artist is both inspired by, and an intricate part of, nature – the weavings of hopes for the future. Beauty, sustainability, wonder and respect are the foundations of Zora Verona’s practice as a nest builder, a unique craft that brings together her skills as a weaver, creator and keen observer of the botany and birdlife that she adores. 

Known to her community as Lori Kravos, the name Zora Verona is a creative identity that honours her ancestral story and brings further meaning to her practice.  “My  paternal grandmother was named Zora – light of dawn – and my maternal grandmother Verona –truth,” says Zora. “What greater or more melodic truth is there than the birdsong heralding a new day?” These Slavic women would not have had a chance to make art. In war times Zora wasn’t even able to name her own children in their mother tongue, so I honour them today for their survival made real, and the careful tending of family that has enabled me to create today,” says Zora Verona