A Golden Milestone

Pip and the team celebrate fifty issues of the Yarra Magazine 

WORDS Sarah Stewart | PHOTOGRAPHY Hugh Davison

We’re particularly attuned to the seasons in regional communities – rainfall, winds, long days, short days, frosts; these seasonal turns affect our crops and gardens, our recreation and our events. As editor and owner of Yarra Magazine, Pip Young relishes the seasonal nature of the publication, and the special significance and fresh opportunities this brings to every new issue, showcasing the region. 

Living in the Upper Yarra Valley with her children and various cats and dogs, Pip delights in the kaleidoscopic colours and textures, saying, “I have never lost that wonder and awe that you experience when you see the changing colours.”  She has been relishing  autumn, her favourite season. The drive between home and the magazine’s new studio space in Healesville is spectacular, where the Ranges play with clouds in a compelling hide and seek. She loves how “every single day is a unique picture.”  A publication underpinned by the seasons makes perfect sense to Pip, who has always found the natural cycles of the year a constant joy and source of renewing inspiration. As a high school student, she remembers choosing to create designs for placemats, representing the seasons, for a year tweleve art exam. Recently, she found a notebook containing a dream from twenty years ago; a dream where she and an old university friend had created a business based around collectible artworks, with fresh works produced each season. This theme has flowed through, and informed, her creative work.