Timeless an thoughtful designs express the essence of the living world

WORDS Lindy Schneider | PHOTOGRAPHY Damien Pleming

The union between terra and flora provides an endless source of inspiration for Angus & Celeste founders Keir MacDonald and Asha Cato. Their brand name, a combination of their middle names, reflects the symbiotic union between two talented creatives. They have combined their individual strengths in 3D and 2D design to create original, recognisable, and contemporary ceramics and homewares with a distinctive Australian feel.

The couple met more than twenty-five years ago while enrolling at Melbourne’s RMIT. “There were only 14 people in the queue that day,” explains Asha. “It was random that we were standing next to one another. We chatted and found we were both enrolling in the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics. Our relationship flourished from that moment, and today, is the beating heart of our design process.”

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