A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

Award-winning Olinda landscape-designer Phillip Johnson, inspiring and connecting us to the innate beauty of the Dandenongs.

Yarra Valley landscape designer Phillip Johnson has a grand vision. He is aiming to recreate his exhibit, that clinched the top prize at London’s Chelsea Flower Show, as a public garden in the Dandenong Ranges. That achievement in 2013 was a first for an Australian; the garden design equivalent of an Olympic Gold medal.

This internationally acclaimed garden displayed Australian native plants in an awe inspiring composition of massive rock faces draped, with falling water that splashed into a fern-lined billabong below. The result was a culmination of two years’ work by Phil and Silvan nurseryman, Wes Fleming, and was based on the experience gained from his stunning, sustainable garden back home in Olinda.

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