India Taj Mahal journey

Journey with a local foreigner

Journey from the Dandenong’s to Delhi…

Kalorama, deep in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges, is full of wonderful surprises. For travel specialist Deb Duncan, it has proved to be the perfect location for both home and work.

Her home office looks out over the gorgeous gardens, inspiring Deb’s love of discovering new and interesting places to journey with her friends and clients.

New cultures

Deb has a deep respect and fascination for other cultures. Her parents’ philosophy on understanding others was as wide as it was deep – regardless of class, race or religion. An insatiable curiosity and openhearted enthusiasm for exploring the rich cultural heritages of the world makes Deb’s approach to travel unique. Travel, tourism, and people development, are Deb’s life.

Teaching and developing students in tourism and business management, combined with planning incredible trips for clients to experience travel in the most comfortable, fun way, is Deb’s forte. Deb thrives on itineraries that stretch boundaries and perceptions. She’s adamant that travel can also be done luxuriously, without losing the cultural and environmental ‘wow’!

Client care

Working in the travel & tourism industry for almost forty years has
built Deb’s reputation for outstanding client care. A talent for really
hearing their story, and knowing exactly what will suit the client, led
to Deb creating her other business (Peak Personality) in which she
shares her thorough knowledge of customer care, via career development programs.

Here, she shares her philosophy of looking for the good in every culture, believing every person has a story for us to absorb. The business embodies Deb’s dedication to excellence and open-mindedness.

Happy travellers

Deb and husband Derek, an HR Consultant and valuable assistant to Deb’s growing businesses, have travelled extensively throughout their lives and have now happily settled in Kalorama to refocus on their respective businesses.

Deb’s mission is to combine her love of natural environments with her love of authentic travel experiences to inspire custom-made, exclusive itineraries to journey through many colourful destinations. Nowadays, she works from her beautifully appointed and ultra-professional workspace in her Dandenong Ranges’ home, and is inspired by people who ‘dream real’. Deb delights in the fact that, ‘The mountain is full of them!’

Like-minded people

Deb deliberately chooses only to work with like-minded operators who support her mission of authentic experiences, a partner who will offer some of the most luxurious hotels in the world yet still recruit well-researched tour guides, able to interpret the destinations and cultures, accurately and passionately, to her guests.

Deb has waited until now to be able to experience the incredibly stylish India; she makes no secret that the destinations are on her bucket list too!

Deb is escorting a small group to India in November 2017 in proud partnership with Abercrombie & Kent. Would you like to join her? I’ve seen the itinerary… and I know I would!

Deb organises journey
Deb and Derek Duncan.