Sonsie Studios: Connecting Community, Creating Conversations

Healesville artist Paul Sonsie is transforming spaces through impactful design

Healesville born and bred, Paul Sonsie has always been an artist. His journey into graphic design was accidental; the fine art course that he’d planned to study at Box Hill was full, so he enrolled in an Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design as a temporary measure. The combination of typography, digital art, advertising, marketing, video and animation sparked his creative self. There was a brief stint with an advertising agency in Melbourne after he graduated, and a period of travel around Australia with his wife Georgie, but Sonsie was drawn back to his hometown. After returning from their adventures, Sonsie remembers, “We fell in love with Healesville all over again. It’s where our family and friends are. We know we want to be here for the rest of our lives.” 

For the last eight years he’s been making his mark with large scale murals for both commercial and community projects in the region and around Melbourne. Having always been drawn to large scale pieces and street art, Sonsie saw the benefit of a formal graphic design training in creating design concepts that would complement what he was already doing. 

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