Digital Winter Edition 2020

Dear readers,

A very warm welcome to our first digital issue of Yarra Valley and Ranges magazine. We are grateful for the incredible support that we have felt during the last few months during an ever-changing landscape. COVID-19 has affected so many of our local businesses; we have had to quickly adapt to new and creative ways of working. 

As the situation unfolded, we realised the significant impact that this would have on our production and decided to produce a digital issue of the magazine rather than our traditional print version for Winter. We still wanted to do everything in our power to continue to support our region and chose to make this a free platform for local businesses to keep you updated on how COVID-19 has affected them, how they are adapting to changes, and how they are moving forward. 

We have taken a look back into the archives and shared some of our favourite Winter stories, incorporating many previously unseen images. We have gifted advertising space to our business partners in support of local industry that has been affected by the virus. We want our region to thrive, so please share the link to this edition widely.

None of us could ever have predicted such a swift and dramatic change in the way we live and work, but we have witnessed incredible human resilience, creativity and an ability to adapt to change with grace and humour. I’m sure we’ve all had our moments of frustration (I know I have), but I’ve experienced and heard so many positives over the last few months that have really highlighted the best of human nature.
Working and learning from home has been challenging for sure,
but I have to confess that I loved the slowing down and the
reconnection with my teenage (and adult) kids. It has been a reminder
of the most important things.

To readers new and old, we thank you for being part of our digital edition, and for supporting our region. 

Take care of each other over these chilly winter months. Stay safe, and we look forward to seeing you in September with our beautiful spring publication – in full glossy, gorgeous print!

With love,