Who We Are
Country Life Publishing is proud to offer you this premium lifestyle magazine. Launched in the summer of 2009, Yarra Valley & Ranges Country Life magazine highlights the unique culture, food, wine, premium real estate and wonderful people from the region.

What We Do
Our magazines are printed on quality gloss stock and we uphold high standards (above industry standards) for our ratio of editorial to advertising ensuring your business will stand out from the crowd.

Each edition our country life magazines showcase fine homes and gardens, premium real estate, people profiles, social pictures and what is happening across the regions in the coming season.
Each of our stories are prepared by dedicated freelance and staff journalists who are committed to a high level of quality and accuracy.

Our Readership
30,000 PLUS per edition and growing.
We directly target our readership and as a result, have a loyal list of exclusive readers and subscribers who are most likely to use your products or services.
Our readers are aged 35 plus, enjoy the good things in life and expect quality in their everyday life. Our readers live in the country, the cities, coastal regions and the mountains, but all enjoy the quality that our country life titles offer.
Our loyal and growing list of subscribers can be found locally, interstate and internationally! See the graphs below for a breakdown of our subscribers.

YarraReadership*Click on image to view larger

Retail – Our magazines are available quarterly in over 250 newsagents and specialty stores. They are distributed through Integrated Publications Solutions.
Free Venue Copies – We have established a long list of outlets that receive our free venue copies each edition. Copies are distributed into cafes, boutiques, hair salons, accountants and solicitors offices, restaurants, accommodation venues and professional suites throughout the distribution network.
QANTAS – In Autumn 2011 Country Life Publishing established a relationship with QANTAS to supply magazines to all of the Customer Lounges across Australia.

YarraNewsagents*Click on image to view larger

This is a snapshot of newsagents who sell our magazines. For a full list and interactive map please check out the following link:
Yarra Valley & Ranges Country Life distribution



Full Page Full page ad
+ 3 month free digital ad
+ 1 month free eNewsletter ad
+ free ad design service
+ 15 copies of the magazine
$890 $1100
1/2 Page – Horizontal Half page horizontal ad
+ 1 month free digital ad
+ free ad design service
+ 10 copies of the magazine
$498 $615
1/2 Page – Vertical Half page vertical ad
+ 1 month free digital ad
+ free ad design service
+ 10 copies of the magazine
$598 $715
1/4 Page Quarter page ad
+ free ad design service
+ 5 copies of the magazine
$355 $440
1/6 Page Directory Sixth page directory listing
+ free ad design service
+ 5 copies of the magazine
 $215 $250

*Pack advertising rates refer to 4 consecutive ads using the same artwork. Some minor changes can be made each edition. 


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Winter 2018 June to August 27 April 2018 29 April 2017
Spring 2018 September to November 27 July 2018 3 August 2018
Summer 2018 December to February 26 October 2018 26 October 2017


Contact Us
Contact our Advertising Accounts Manager Pip Young on
0434 942 663 or 03 5966 2994 email



We know our readers enjoy the Yarra Valley & Ranges Country Life print magazine, and now they can keep up to date between issues with the  Yarra Valley & Ranges Magazine website. These websites bring our readers local news, events, articles and more, with the same quality they have come to expect from our print magazines.

Along with the websites our free monthly eNewsletter provides subscribers with current events, feature articles, special offers and more.

You can reach an engaged and loyal readership by securing digital advertising space on our websites and in our monthly eNewsletters.

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There are multiple options available for advertising digitally with Country Life Publishing. We suggest you contact our office on 03 5666 2994, to discuss your specific needs.

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